What we do in our community

Back to back honours, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Our clients are the part of our Lending Mart community, we support Australian and Global community directly or indirectly on behalf of lending mart community.

As a small business that lives our values and that means we always consider the economic, social and environmental effect with our actions.

Lending Mart has been helping Special School for Disabled and Rehabilitation Centre (SSDRC) since 2015. SSDRC is a nongovernment and non-profit making, registered behavioural health centre that was established in 2010 to provide special education and related services to the children with different kinds of disabilities from deprived family of Nepal. It was founded on the belief that each person with an intellectual and/or developmental disability has the capacity for growth and development, a right to services that enhance well-being, quality of life, and opportunities to learn. Primary aim of the centre is to rehabilitate the children with autism in the community like normal children by teaching basic social and practical skills they need in their daily life.

You can contact SSDRC directly and get involved, for more details Click here

This is an opportunity to connect, collaborate and reimagine the future!

  • Together we will strengthen the capacity and capability of our local networks to work together to respond to the needs of our community locally and globally.
  • We will strengthen our working relationships with each other. We will develop and strengthen ties between the community.

Community Contributions,

Each year, we measure our performance and evaluate our contribution to Global and Australian Communities.

Our contribution to our community:

  • We invest 5% of the net profit into our community partnerships and programs.
  • We serve 14 days a year to volunteer in the community in a various way
  • We give back over $21,000 through our community sponsor program in Australia
  • We give back over $15,000 through our Global community program in Nepal

You talk to us. We connect these