Investment loans

There are many lenders who offer investment property loans, but do they fit with your specific goals? Getting the right investment loan for your property portfolio is most important. This maximises your borrowing capacity and reduces your deposits. It means you can buy more property and accomplish your goals faster.

  • Interest Only Loans – With an interest only loan, the principal remains the same. You only have to pay interest, and you pay the original amount you borrowed when you finally sell the investment property. By that time, hopefully your properties have gained some capital
  • Your monthly repayments are less
  • Get tax deductions on the interest you paid.
  • Line of Credit Loans – If you have property and an equity you hold up in that property, you can use a line of credit loan as a deposit for your investment property. A line of credit allows you to draw from a fixed amount at any time, but the equity in your home sits as security for the loan.

Are you an investor?

  • What is negative gearing
  • What is deprecation
  • What is capital gain tax
  • Joint ownership for investment properties
  • Offset account for investment properties
  • Good record keeping for your taxes

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