About Us

Lending Mart Strategic Mission, Vision and Values


We live by the motto: “Complete Loan Solutions.” Our mission is to offer the most reliable and time-efficient service in the mortgage industry by helping people and businesses with their unique situations. Our objective is to help the people who are ignored and discouraged by the Australian banking system and to help make the “Australian Dream” come true! Whether our customers are buying their first homes or investment properties, we will help Australians to create their wealth for better life experiences along with optimal retirements. To achieve our mission, we provide valid benefits to those who are locked out of home ownership, to businesses and investors who cannot reach their goals and to current homeowners who are ignored by their banks and do not meet standard, bank-lending criteria. In addition, we help homeowners and property investors become debt-free sooner by selecting the most suitable, low-cost loans.


We aim to be the best mortgage brokers who focus on different person-to-person situations for Australian families. We find it important for us to share our knowledge and expertise with you in order to show you how you can become debt-free sooner, to save you thousands of dollars and to maximise your ultimate retirement plan.

Lending Mart will expand our services in near future by providing:

  • Commercial mortgage service
  • Personal and business loans
  • Insurance
  • Property Development
  • Creating Property Investor path way
  • Property Management
  • The ability to become a GURU of wealth creation for real estate
  • A respected and trusted one-stop shop for customers’ mortgage and real estate needs

Be a respected and trusted for mortgage and real estate sector, as a one-stop shop to fulfill our perspective clients needs.


Our principal values as a business are:

  • Commitment to the industry
  • Integrity
  • Responsibilities
  • Reliability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Flexibility
  • Profitability
  • Opportunities
  • Friendly
  • Respectful

Who are we?

To our Customer

A lending service with best values, rapid responses, efficiency, unlimited advice and better outcomes.

To our Staff

A fun working environment with bundles of employee-driven opportunities.

To our Lender

An expert mortgage broker with high volumes of sale and quality applications with low arrears for win-win partnerships.

To our Business Partners

Combined with them, a trusted team which makes long-term relationships in order to work together with an attitude of abundance.

You talk to us. We connect these